Clinical Pilates – guided by a trained physiotherapist – aims to correct dysfunctions and re-educate normal movement patterns. At In-Balance Physiotherapy & Pilates we offer Clinical Pilates tailored to each individual’s specific rehabilitation requirements. 

As clinicians, it has been our experience (and is well documented) that post injury, patients often develop movement and postural dysfunctions that need to be addressed prior to returning to mainstream exercise activity.

As  physiotherapists, we have extensive knowledge of the physiology and pathology underlying the dysfunction, and can therefore ensure that the sessions are appropriate for each individual’s needs.

Recurrent or chronic injuries can be frustrating, however preventing chronic disuse or misuse of muscle patterning can reduce these recurrences. 

Embarking on a rehabilitation program post injury can be daunting, and one may still require intermittent physiotherapy during the rehabilitation process, making clinical Pilates an ideal stepping-stone between traditional physiotherapy and traditional Pilates.

Clinical Pilates sessions are carried out at our practice, on a “one on one” basis, and as such are reimbursable by your medical aid scheme. Once you have ‘graduated’ from basic mat-work, you will be encouraged to join group classes held at Pilates studios in the area. At this point you will have the option of joining a physiotherapy lead class, or alternatively a recommended class led by a Pilates instructor.